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TV One Minute

1 minute


Awarded –  BBC Worldwide Creative Challenge 2014

Selected to celebrate the opening of the new BBC Worldwide premises in London.

Winner of the Arts Thread Creative Challenge 2014, BBC Worldwide’s Creative Challenge (moving image category).

(This is a work without music and sound.)


(BBC Worldwide Headquarter, London, England, 2015) 

Material :  shrimp, egg, dill, mayonnaise, cut out from Swedish old science magazine, nail, chocolate wrappers, clay, oil paint on canvas, Vietnamese handmade fabric, Vietnamese handmade embroideries, Vietnamese ribbon, chilli powder, Indian fabric, cut out from Indian match box, cut out from Indian 10 rupee note, Indian spices, glitter, Swedish lace ribbon, popcorn, Indian color powder, stones, Swedish egg stand, Indian candle stand, tomato, envelope, leafs found in Sweden, toy from Malaysia, paper, color pen, graphite, Swedish paper. 


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