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Tapping Black Boots

Audiovisual Sketchbook 

A distilled tale of the eight-year journey of a Japanese animation artist and Swedish musician through Slovak folklore.

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In 2014, Japanese animation artist Kaoru Furuko arrived in Kosice, Slovakia, for an art residency. It was here that the local folk culture and folklore stirred her imagination, sowing the seed for a short film in her mind. 


This marked the beginning of her eight-year exploration of Slovak culture and folklore—an exploration driven by love and fascination, which continues to this day. Soon, she was joined by Swedish musician Christian Wellbo, who grew to share the passion. Guided by the generous and friendly navigations and collaborations together with local people and friends, they immersed themselves in the tapestry of Slovak culture.

Throughout this time, Kaoru collected inspiration and objects that sparked excitement and emotion. These took the form of videos, sketches, paintings, animations in various formats, journals, and stories—some even transformed into standalone pieces. At the same time, echoes of old Slovak folk songs were reimagined in Christian's techno music, creating his own mix of past and present.


Now, Kaoru's short film idea is taking shape, and their artistic adventure continues. In May 2023, Kaoru and Chris were invited by the Anifilm Festival to share their visions publicly. This opportunity inspired them to encapsulate their eight years of varied artistic visions into an audiovisual sketchbook.


This is the story of “Tapping Black Boots.”


The presentation at the festival was well-received, and the subsequent Q&A session sparked lively discussions. This experience made us want to share this work with people—to share our passion for the culture and present our creative journey.


Digital Ozembuch/Fujara

Jakub Pisek invented the world's first combined digital Ozembuch/Fujara, an innovative reinterpretation of the traditional Slovak instruments, first introduced in the 2021 “Drozdy in Onsen” project, where four artists from different specialities developed a collaborative multimedia performance which takes us to a trip to Japan and Slovakia, old and new, tradition and innovation, digital and analogue, and somewhere in between.


Jakub Pišek
phoro:Peter Bednar

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