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Art direction / Aniamiton

Paper craft animation for stage event "The GIFs 2018"

Client: GIFMAGAZINE and Adobe Systems Co., Ltd


A commission work for stage event "The GIFs 2018", held by GIFMAGAZINE and Adobe Systems Co., Ltd. at Shibuya HUMAX Cinema. Due to company policies, only documentation footage can be published online, so if you happen to be interested in seeing the actual video, please contact me.  


The clients wanted to have a three-dimensional world in which the human figure fits naturally, so I created the surrounding world of the model with paper craft. From texts to the explosions, all parts were created with paper craft and brought into life with stop-motion animation technique.

Client : GIFMAGAZINE and Adobe Systems Co., Ltd. 

Direction and animation : Kaoru Furuko

Fabrication : Saki Matsumoto and Kaoru Furuko


Production in Tokyo, Japan

November 2018 


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