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Private showcasing

Solid Fluid series

Abstract animation since 2016

"Solid Fluid" is an ongoing project.
Abstract animation series accompanied by original poems or music.

In a dark room, it's just me, light, objects, and a camera. I put on my soundproof headphones.

There is only a subtle but solid beat of my heart that can be heard in silence - that's my flow.

I dive into the depths of my being by immersing myself in the light that dances, glow, and trembles as it travels through the material I hold in my hands. 

Swimming in an ocean of luminous impressions through three lenses. I fine-tune various elements until vivid sensations strike right into the spot where my primal ache pulsates, deep in my heart.   

Those sensations resonate with my intangible simmering, embrace it, liberate me from the sore for a moment.  Captured. I weave together these captured moments, shaping a wave of moving images. 

This “Solid Fluid” series is a visual and motion lullaby to my primal pain, a song composed of the very moments that vibrate with my deepest self; 

A melody flowing and harmonising with my fluid emotion and the voices of my cells 

A lullaby to keep my soul from slipping out of my body.


I don’t need to extinguish the flame; I just aspire to reach it one day through this creative journey. 

I hope these lullabies reach those who may also carry the tiny little sore in their souls and resonate with them. 

And if any of these lullabies sing for or with yours, we may resonate together, even from a great distance, even if it's just one in a million.

Solid Fluid 001 Ishi

29 second (Loop)

Solid Fluid 002 WAVE

33 second (Loop)
Original music by Christian Wellbo

Solid Fluid 003 Ao

33 second (Loop)
Original music by Christian Wellbo

Solid Fluid series


2023    The Upside Space, Group show "In the wall, a window" curated by LAND
2023    Trollywood Animation Festival 2023, Exhibition at Konsthallen Trollhättan, "Story Time"(Trollhättan, Sweden) 
2018    Exhibition "Fluid State" with 
Diana Butucariu and Erik Lindeborg. Atrier 35  (Bucharest, Romania) 
2018    Glass residency (Bucharest, Romania) 

2017     Glass residency (Bucharest, Romania)

Abstract animation art footages for an animated documentary short film "Unkilled, Chapter 1" by David Aronowitsch, Hanna Heilborn


Lucian Butucariu (Rumanian glass artist)
Christian Wellbo (Swedish musician)

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